PPA V600 (out of stock)

The PPA V600 has been designed with the goal of achieving the highest possible transmission quality for moving coil and moving magnet systems. For this he offers balanced inputs via 5-pin XLR and unbalanced inputs via RCA. The gain can be adjusted by means of a rotary switch in 6 dB steps from +30 dB to +60 dB.

The exact channel balance can be adjusted via a detent potentiometer. This allows a fine adjustment of even unusual systems to the subsequent equipment. The amplifier cell is a very fast and low-noise symmetrical instrumentation amplifier as it is commonly used for microphones. By a symmetrical signal to the turntable maximum humming freedom can be achieved.

- The input impedances can be changed 9 times via dip switches.

- The input capacities can be changed 16 times via dip switches.

- The equalizer curve can be switched to RIAA, NAB, BBC and Flat.

- A high-pass filter (20 Hz) according to IEC can be switched.

With 8 calibration points in the instrument and the use of high-precision and aging-resistant components, the RIAA curve is maintained at 0.05 dB. The signal path is completely DC coupled, all filter stages were executed passively. Of course, all "musical" components were used for the filters. A special low-noise wide-range switching power supply ensures the hum-free power supply.


The color of the housing feet is optional. Please select the color as an accessory.

PPA V600 (out of stock)

    • highest possible transmission quality for moving coil and moving magnet systems balanced
    • input via 5-pin XLR unbalanced
    • input via RCA balanced output via 2x 3-pin XLR
    • unbalanced output via RCA Gain
    • adjustable by rotary switch
    • Channel balance via a detent poti
    • switchable input impedances
    • Soundable input capacities
    • switchable equalizer curves
    • switchable high-pass filter
  • In-/Outputs: 0 / 2 channel (sym. XLR), 0 / 2 channel (unsym. RCA), 1 / 0 (5-Pol XLR)
    Phono input: 1






    0 Hz - 80 kHz (-0,5 dB)



    10 _ 90 _ 100 _ 130 _ 150 _ 250 _ 330 _ 1k _ 47k Ohm (intern wählbar)



    < 1 Ohm

    max. input


    -7 dBu

    max. output


    +22 dBu (unsym.) _ +28 dBu (sym.)


    (@-1 dBFs):

    < -110 dB
    Crosstalk: -100 dB



    250 V / 115 V AC
    Gehäuse: casing



    170 x 49 x 225 mm (WxHxD)
    color: black

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